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Default Mk7 Golf R - Hesitation - 07-13-2020, 01:11 PM

I had a JB4 fitted on my DSG golf R for several months without any issues, during this time my only other mod was a pedal box. Recently i've installed a Forge intake pipe/turbo elbow and pipercross panel filter. Since fitting the parts i've noticed that the car will pull back/hesitate randomly. I thought it may have been an issue with transmission, but it also hesitates when not changing gear. If I disconnect the JB4 from the ODB connection, the car runs smoothly. I recently tried to reconnect the JB4 and its actually worse than before, so much so that a check engine light came on. Scanning with OBD11 resulted with o2 Sensor Circ, Fuel Rail pressure sensor, Manifold Abs pressure and turbocharger boost sensor errors. Has anyone had any issues like this before. I did try to connect the jb4 to pull off logs which ive attached, the only readings are at the very bottom of the page. I'd like to try and get the JB4 working again with the mods ive installed but currently its disconnected from the OBD connection within the car and more use as a paperweight. I've also tried Map 0 and turning off the pedal box and still get the same issue. Id really appreciate any help with this. (also JB4 is running latest firmware)
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