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Originally Posted by T_H_O_M_A_S
Well i ve got that comment once more from somebody else . in every log i have so far from wegde /MHD , even with the oem and the evo pump , at the beginning of the log , the rail pressure is higher , but tapers to 2050 . in the V1.10 of the app there is also a rail pressure required . the rail pressure mean just seems to follow that . why its only a little over 2000 psi idk ? maybe its tuner related ? . what i do see in those logs , is with the oem pump rail pressure dropped further when hovering around 18 psi , the evo version doenst . 800 psi or 2000 psi is a decent upgrade to me . its only to be seen how far it can be stretched when ,i or other who are willing to try this , going with E20 or more
Perhaps your OEM HPFP was old and worn out :

Considering Rail Pressure Request Data is NOT in your OEM Stock log data, one cannot compare.

But again, I am not seeing an improvement based on what I’ve seen on mine and others stock HPFP.

Suspect your number will drop dramatically as more ethanol is added based on the data provided in your files, as it is struggling to hold 2000 PSI on 93.
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