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Default 10-12-2021, 10:48 AM

Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
Ideally you want a sustained full throttle pull with shifts, like 40-100mph, on a safe private track, for example.

Runs seem pretty normal for 91 octane gas which is very low octane. Expect plenty of timing corrections with it stock and tuned on 91.

psi2 is lower than psi due to throttle position, which seems pretty low. Do the next set of logs in comfort mode for comparison.
Hello Terry, thanks for replying.

I'll have time this weekend to test properly. Currently I am just doing 3rd gear pulls from 3500 to 6500. The E blend is approx. E30. Ran map 2 this time in sport and comfort.

I think I know what's going on, there is a peak boost around 3200 rpm, then throttle closure, after that boost stabilize and eventually throttle opens again. In sport+ the boost surge happens faster than in comfort mode. In comfort mode happens the same, but the peak boost is lower, so it opens the throttle sooner.

Attached the logs. Any clue on why this would be happening? The lack of cats may be a factor, like spools faster than the ECU expects?

Thanks once again.
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