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Default Initial install questions for Veloster N w/PP - 09-23-2021, 04:28 PM

Hi all,

Looking for some guidance RE: spark plugs for a first install of the JB4 on a Veloster N w/Performance Pack.

I will be running map1 and/or map2 as a daily driver with my only other engine related mods being a hi flow air filter in stock box and a hybrid BOV - so basically nothing.
In my area 93 octane is the easiest for me to use and I use it daily.
My only question is with me getting quarterly service at my dealer I plan to remove the JB4 every visit.
Will it be ok to follow the recommendation of using HKS plugs gapped 0.022" to 0.026" EVEN WITHOUT THE JB4 installed for a day or two every few months or would I have to change the plugs back too?
mobdro kodi
If that is an issue and I decide to stick with stock plugs, map1 & 93 octane, should I change the stock gap and to what? Keep in mind it has to run ok for dealer with no JB4 installed.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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