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Originally Posted by junior961
As far as the n63tu id say no,there are still issues and there will likely always be issues due to the "hot Vee" design. The car also has issues because we are americans and dont know how to drive, at least thats the reason for the battery issues. We apparently keep our big ass lead foot on the pedal which never allows the battery to charge. The battery recgarges using regenerative energy from the brakes when the driver lets off the gas and coasts.

And dont even get me started on the sensitivity of energy needs of this car. When doing ANY software work you need to have a constant 14 or 16 or whatever it is, or you will regret it.. Mine has 34 modules, and 2 DMEs. The have a computer for every task imaginable and just for the hell of it,the modules will get together just to screw with your
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