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Default 09-23-2021, 08:46 AM

Originally Posted by WhiteKnight1130
Ok I'll try logging map 1 and map 0 today. Don't have any E85 near me but there is E54. However, if I remember correctly, E54 isn't an option for us to attain our E30 blend. Is there a local big box automotive store that carries an octane booster that works too bring our 91 up to 93?
Why can't you mix E54 + some 91 to dilute it? I run something like 4 gallons of E85 (min E71, per pump sticker) + rest 91. Based on this:

~5.6 gallons E54, 6.8 gallons 91 will give you E30. A 50/50 mix of E54 and 91 will give you roughly E32, which should be fine.

I wonder if, with the CPI kit + HPFP, you could actually run E54 straight?
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