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New dyno at conservative new and calibrated Mustang Dyno: 394 hp & 428 ftp. We have to take down boost before 4000 rpm as for some surge, small turbos. You also see in dyno that it helps to shift at 58-5900 rpm, only in 1:st gear you can go to redline

Map 6: Tuned fuel to Afr 12,2-12,5, boost 1,6 bar (23 Psi) tapering to 1,4 bar (20 Psi), see signature for mods. JB4 Map 3 almost as fast and: 370 hp & 398 ftp. You see the difference in Map 3 and 6 with att. file

Turbos completely maxed out at this, its not possible to get more in any way. Probably in a Dynojet... My GTR differs about 20%, 350 hp, lower in Mustang and way more in Dynojet.

So... do your own math Maybe this will be around 450 whp in Dynojet. So dont just count whp, test with Dragy, I did today 100-200 km/h (62-124 mph) @8,9, it tells you what power you have.

Kudos to Terry Burger and JB4 and the very good tunes in the hardcoded maps, very good! I think most of you here will be fastest with map 1-3, higher and you need all bolt ons.

KiA Stinger AWD, 3.3, 2018 - white.
2" primary DP,s with 200 cells
Secondary straight
Wagner IC with inlet pipe KN filters
BMS Meth with 90/10 mix
ADD catch can

0-60 mph in 3,37 in Dragy log
1/4: 11,70@119 in Dragy log, mild launch, 1,8 60 ft

Mustang conservative Dyno Map 6: 394 hp & 582 nm (428 fp)

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