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Default Porsche 991.1 Turbo - JB4 tune - 08-26-2020, 10:00 AM

Hey guys,
This thread is looking weak, so here's a quick post.
I reached out to Payam to add some go juice to my Turbo.
I followed some other forum member's guides on how to access the various map sensors, and the awkwardly placed rear sensor located on the top right of the engine.
The way I did it was I used a long flat head screw driver to release the locking clasp on the map sensor, then I fed my right hand back there without removing the rear wing. Once I snaked my hand into position and released the plug, I hung on to the loose plug in my right hand (as the male side is attached to the top of the engine). I then used my left hand to feed the corresponding plug to my right hand and slowly worked the plugs together. It took about 15 minutes in this position. Best advice is to stand with your feet apart and have a blanket on the wing to lean on.

I then plugged the OBDII cable into place in the footwell and tucked the wire away nicely under the door sill, side panels and rear passenger compartment. All easy stuff. The access to the engine bay is the easiest of any of the cars I've done. No drilling or snaking for hours. Thankfully.

Since E85 is attainable near me, I added 5 gallons of e85 and topped the rest off with 93 octane. (take that West Coast!)
I should note that Payam was super responsive the entire way through the install. He's just like Terry in terms of support and knowledge.

The car is an absolute animal!! I should also note she runs flawlessly with the E30 mix. No hickups or long cranks when starting. Just lots of go sauce!!! I mean it really wakes the car up. It's been near 90 for a while so I know as the temps drop the gains will grow. I love big power, but just this mod makes the car so darned satisfying! I'll keep adding minor mods like Y pipe, intake and exhaust etc,but for now this is a really great, well priced mod. All that with top notch support from Terry and Payam.
Here is a log with the e30 mix:

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