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Default jb4 switching to map 4 after mhd bef - 08-18-2020, 05:34 PM

first post! okay so for starters i am a 08 e92 n54 335i with a cp and bov, fmic, bms dual cone intake, recently got a jb4 and i am running map 5 with an e20 mixture. just got mhd and did a back end flash today. I was driving after i installed the bef and i notcied that on a 3rd gear pull i got a cel, misfire cyl6, brought the car home turned it off and back on and it disappeared. brought the car back out to try to get it to replicate which it didn't, but 5300 rpms into 3rd gear i got the flashes from the hazards and it switched me to map 4. turned around drove a half mile switched back to map 5 and data logged. i'm very new to tuning and I've been studying up on how to read these graphs but i figured it'd be better to show you guys and learn that way. thanks so much.
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