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*** NOTE FROM BMS *** Some JB4 harnesses have a green wire routed to spot #9 which is not used for anything but blocks installing the EWG purple wire. If you happen to have a wire running there you can remove it with a DSUB removal tool or just cut it and splice in the EWG purple wire using a wire nut, butt connector, or any other method. The green wire running back to the JB4 harness doesn't need to be attached to anything and can be left sitting there unused.

I installed the wires yesterday.

Here is a little walkthrough the install for future reference. What you have to remove and how you access the connectors may differ according to your different mods

The harness can't be plugged in the wrong direction,
but since you won't be able to see what you're doing with your hands, identifying where the little protuberance is located will make it easier.

Here is the "A" side (passenger)
It is located just below the turbo inlet, but because of the coolant hose you can't access it without removing the intake piping. Removing the strut bar will also help. Only one arm goes in so I had to do it one-handed.

Here is the "B" side (driver)
It is also under the turbo but there is less stuff around so both hands can be used (one each side of the radiator hoses) and in my case I ony had to remove the intake filter. I recommend doing this side first to get more familiar with the connector.

BTW when removing the connector, you need to press the little end that I highlighed by a circle. Pressing any higher won't do anything else than wasting your patience.

Now that you've successfully connected the harness on the actuators. Here is the JB4 side. (nothing new here, just pictures)

PS: If you have WMI installed, getting all wires through the rubber seal will be a little bit challenging but it is doable.

For the routing of the wires here is how I did.
Since both wires are the same length the one connected to the driver side will be too short to route through the rain wipers line like for the fuel wire, so I've chosen to route it along other hoses in front of the engine. (I added tubing to protect the wires, it is not necessary)

Now that the H/W is in place, time to do some testing.

Hoping this helps.

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