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Default 05-24-2019, 12:11 PM

Alright so attempted without the OBD2 connection and itís the same thing. Just with it disconnected the app can not read the codes.

I already disconnected the battery and checked every single connection. I even removed the two sensors we tap into in order to make sure the 3 prongs inside are not bent.
Connected everything back up and finally the battery.
I still kept getting the same two errors. The JB4is working because the power is definitely there.

Also, I downloaded V5 software and reinstalled it on the JB4. Ran through the prompts but the errors are still there.

The only thing holding me back from removing the JB4 is the 30% E85 mixture in the tank.

Granted I do live 10 minutes away from your Simi Valley location but I donít have any availability to stop by anytime soon.
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