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Some of the older firmware version notes for reference:


1) Changes to the EWG targeting for those testing out EWG connectors.
2) Minor fuel targeting change


1) Adjusted boost scaling in JB4 app to reflect ~10% higher boost levels to better match up the JB4 with external boost gauges.
2) Revised double PID fuel control system for smoother performance and easier user adjustment
3) For people who prefer to custom tune improved user interface for user adjustable fuel control. Enabled by setting options bit1 on, the fuel bias values will now represent the "target" air/fuel ratio. e.g. 120 = 12.0:1, 125 = 12.5:1. Actual AFR will generally be richer than the target. Current logic allows for leaning AFR from factory only. The default JB4 setting is 120. You may require a JB4 Mobile app update to allow values of more than 100 under fuel bias.
4) Logical changes to facilitate upcoming electronic wastegate (EWG) control.
5) Increased sampling speed while logging is active to further smooth out performance.
6) Revised map4 VALET map to make it more usable.
7) Revisions to E85 auto tuning map for those equipped with a Fuel-IT Flex Fuel sensor.
8) Leaned out map5 and map7 to help reduce the likelihood for a fuel pressure crash on E85 mixtures.
Note this firmware is the same as V13_T13 firmware for those who helped alpha test it.


1) Connected JB4 to transmission so it can read trans gear, trans temperature, torque converter slippage, and other criteria being incorporated in to the JB4's tuning and safety systems. For now gear and transtemp are available in the logging app. Gear reflected is "requested" gear while we've put "current gear" under "load" in the app. "requested" is what is shown in dash and a better indicator of what we're looking for as "current gear" will lag a second or two behind the shift.
2) Adjusted flex fuel sensor logic. The suggested JB4 input for the flex fuel sensor signal wire is spot #4. To enable E85 reading on that spot select E85 Sensor 2/3 on the E85/WMI page. Alternatively the signal can also be plugged in to spot #16 and you'll select E85 Sensor 15/16 on the E85/WMI page.
3) Configured map8 so it can also be used as a variable additive map as a function of ethanol sensor input. If running this email me ahead as I want to keep an eye on the first few cars.
4) Adjusted boost by gear logic to use actual gear above. Note for older models or manual transmission applications where gear doesn't read properly, if gear reading is 0, JB4 will revert to boost by speed settings.
5) Minor scaling change to ECU_PSI readings to correct a bug created in v11.
6) Increased sampling rate on analog sensor input/output channels psi and psi2 for generally smoother operation.
7) Adjusted map4, low boost VALET map, to try to avoid triggering a zero boost fault during full throttle operation.

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