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WOW...thanks for the introduction to this platform.

1) Is the red sport a twin turbo compared to the 3.0 Premium being a single turbo? If you can, could you explain any major differences between the 2 models...from what I have read, the RED SPORT has extra intercooler I think.

2) Is the stock exhaust system extremely restrictive? I have seen on q50 and q60 forums that some companies are getting 20+HP and torque with just exhaust mods.

3) How is the transmission handling the power? I have a 3.7 2015 Q50 and it is a beast, but the transmission is horrible. I wish they had put the ZF 8 speed in it.

4) When you are adding boost to the 3.0 premium, how much is the stock boost...7psi? So when you adding 6 or 7 lbs of boost, total is 14/15lbs of boost...thats seems to be about what the Red Sport is pushing stock.

5) My lease ends in September and I am looking this month to get into a new Infiniti...It looks like it is better to get into a 3.0 instead of a Red Sport because of the optical sensors in the turbos. Would you state that tuning and modifications wise, 3.0 engine is better than the red sport?

Thank you again...I am looking forward to working with yall!
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