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Default 05-08-2017, 03:28 PM

Q50 Default Settings as of v9 firmware:

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Firmware notes for posterity


1) Changed valet map from map4 to map8, changed WMI progressive map to map7, changed previous map7 race gas map to map5.
2) Adjusted ECO mode to force map8 VALET map when selected
3) Added communications to transmission to read gear, adjusted boost by gear to use actual gear instead of speed
4) Increased sampling rate of analog sensors for smoother performance
5) Enabled additional inputs/outputs for upcoming electronic wastegate (EWG) control.
6) Enabled boost control PID for upcoming EWG control.


1) Adjustment to fuel control mapping to add more fuel at higher RPM
2) Added support for BMS WMI kit under map8
3) Added linear pedal mapping option under FutureUseD Bit7. Turn on to smooth out boost targeting as a function of gas pedal input.
4) Added custom fuel mapping option under FutureUseD Bit1. Turn on to manually adjust "fuel enrichment" offset by RPM. Default values would be 50 across the board. Not suggested for most customers to play around with or touch this.
5) Fixed bug with false AFR reading during decel.


1) Added support for JB4 fuel control wires. To enable install wires to JB4 and set FutureUseD bit0 on. Once enabled you'll see "fuel enrichment" dynamically adjust in JB4 logs as it drives AFR up to the revised targets. Setting bit0 on WITHOUT the fuel wire will not negatively effect anything, but AFR readings in logs will not be accurate.
2) Added beep confirmation indicator when changing maps. Car should beep the number of map selected.
3) Added beep confirmation indicator when saving settings. Car will double beep when saving.

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