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JB4 Mobile Smart Phone wireless connection directions Click here
BMS data cable hard wired directions and software Click here

The JB4 is available as a complete system or as an upgrade kit to the Stage1 tuner. It adds CANbus control and other features to the Stage1 tuning allowing multiple maps based on expanded engine criteria, smoother partial throttle performance, additional engine safety systems such as lean run or over boost, more advanced logging for those wanting to experience with different fuels and E85 mixtures, boost by gear to improve traction, and much more to come via free firmware updates.

JB4 Install Guide:

JB4 Firmware:

Firmware updates are optional and loaded via either JB4 Mobile or a BMS data cable. We use updates to add new features, fix bugs, and make performance improvements, as documented in the firmware notes. Only the newest (highest number) firmware update is required as each firmware contains all previous updates.

Download using the new internal firmware database within JB4 Mobile or externally by clicking this link.

JB4 Maps as of v8 firmware:

Map0 - JB4 disabled
Map1 - 4psi peak, default map, 91+ octane
Map2 - 5psi peak, slightly stronger, 91+ octane
Map3 - 5.5psi peak, suggested for 93+ octane or 30% E85 mixtures
Map4 - 6psi peak, suggested for 93+ octane or 30% E85 mixtures
Map5 - 7psi peak, suggested for 100+ octane or 30% E85 mixtures
Map6 - User adjustable by RPM map using settings on user adjustment page. Setting of 5.0 would request 5psi over stock at that specific engine speed.
Map7 - Progressive WMI integrated map, boost profile under WMI flow adjustable on WMI page.
Map8 - Low boost VALET map (200hp simulation!) -- Auto selects when in ECO MODE.

User Adjustment:

While there are a lot of options only a handful should be changed outside of technical support:

Boost by gear: Setting a value in max boost 1st, 2nd, or 3rd will reduce the boost target in that gear by that amount. So setting 5psi in 1st will reduce 1st gear boost by 5psi, dramatically improving traction. For traction limited cars feel free to play around with the setting to find an option that works best for you.

Boost safety: This is the maximum boost before the JB4 disables itself, it should be set a few psi above your normal boost target. The default value of 20psi is usually a good setting.

Map6 boost values: Allows you to enter a customized boost profile. You'll enter only peak boost over stock here, so 6.0 means add a maximum of 6psi over stock, at that RPM point. The JB4 will blend this request with pedal input, engine temperatures, etc, to provide a smooth mapping. Generally this is only used for advanced customers who are able to read their logs and looking to make a map less aggressive than our off the shelf maps.

Optional fuel control wires:

Dyno Test: - International Turbo Racing Discussion - View Single Post - Infiniti Q50 3.0t VR30DDTT Red Sport and Silver Sport BMS Stage1 JB4

Cliff Notes: Short fuel wire w/ resistor goes in spot 21, long wire goes in spot 20, and both wires then posi-tap to the white signal control wire in the primary o2 sensors. JB4 v6+ firmware required, to enable fuel control set FutureUseD bit0 on.

Options (FUD) bit selections as of v8 firmware:
fud.0 - Enable fuel control wires
fud.1 - Test AFR algorithm
fud.2 - Disable warmup safety
fud.3 - Don't use
fud.4 - Disable over boost, run lean, fuel pressure safety
fud.5 - Disable EWG offset
fud.6 - Vehicle is an RS
fud.7 - Linear pedal input

Water/Meth WMI Dyno & Details: JB4 Q50 Q60 VR30 Water/Meth (WMI) Dyno Info - - International Turbo Racing Discussion

Q50/Q60 JB4 with BlueTooth kit demo:

How to attach BlueTooth kit:

How to update firmware:

For firmware updates if having issues we suggest you turn off WiFi, change upload timeout to 25, and set your phone next to JB4 box under the hood.

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It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and installer of any BMS part to employ the correct installation techniques required to ensure the proper operation of BMS parts, and BMS disclaims any and all liability for any part failure due to improper installation or use. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to verify that the use of their vehicle and items purchased comply with federal, state and local regulations. BMS claims no legal federal, state or local certification concerning pollution controlled motor vehicles or mandated emissions requirements. BMS products labeled for use only in competition racing vehicles may only be used on competition racing vehicles operated exclusively on a closed course in conjunction with a sanctioned racing event, in accordance with all federal and state laws, and may never be operated on public roads/highways. Please click here for more information on legal requirements related to use of BMS parts.
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