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Default 01-12-2017, 09:45 AM

Hey guys,

Wanted to address a few common questions about this setup that have been asked lately.

Q. What are the advantages to a bucketless set up?
  • More flow potential as shown in our back to back testing between a bucketless and standard Stage 2 upgrade
  • Plug and play setup with no modifications
  • You can keep your stock bucket to return to stock and for dealer visits
  • Wiring harness remains stock and new pump comes with an oem style connector, there is no splicing of wires.
Q. What happens when the bucket is removed and I drive aggressively under low fuel conditions?
A. If you are running our standard filter and accelerate or corner aggressively under very low fuel conditions, you can run in to fuel starvation issues. Driving normally until the gauge displays ---- is not an issue as shown in the videos and we have done numerous times for testing. If you want to drive aggressively under low fuel conditions, we'd recommend running one of our upgraded fuel filters to eliminate possible issues.

Q. Won't the pump overheat if it's not submerged in fuel.
A. No, the pump is running fuel through it that regulates the temperature much like any other pump. Most pumps aren't submerged and the liquid running through them is what provides cooling.

Q. What happens if I need to upgrade later to make more power.
A. Since you still have your stock bucket, you can send that in to be upgraded to our Stage 3 or Stage 4 setup. Once you receive your upgraded pump, you can then sell your Stage 2 bucketless setup. In addition, we aren't done developing this concept, there will be more to come.

Q. BMW designed the system with a bucket for a reason.
A. That is correct, and as we've mentioned, if you run the car hard under low fuel conditions, we'd recommend running one of our upgraded fuel filters. This resolves any fuel pick up issues but isn't necessary for most people. In addition, BMW does not use a fuel bucket for all of their applications, some of them run a similar setups.

Here are a couple examples.

The 5-Series F10's, the 535i's went from running a bucket up until 2009 back to a bucketless setup for the new F10's and this includes the M5.
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The new 6-Series F12's including the M6 also went back to a bucketless setup...

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Video of our Stage 2 LPFP upgrade installation.

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