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Originally Posted by Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It!
Better flow rates is the biggest gain. If you aren't having any starvation issue with the bucket and flows are sufficient, I'd stick with that.

As for the fuel sensor, you may have a bad connection or ??? The sensor is just a big variable resistor and we don't really see those go bad. You could always swap it out to verify. If your tank doesn't read full, then it is my guess that the entire pump assembly may have been rotated and the float is hitting the side of the tank. Take a picture of the tophat with lockring in place. The vent lines should be at the 6 and 12 o'clock positions. If they have rotated, the collar has been moved and that is your issue.
Got it, appreciate the reply. Just too lazy to deal with it unless I have some other reason to pull the unit out again.

Think I will stay with the old unit until I go ST and when there is a more elegant solution to the partial throttle issues with port injection kits.

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