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Default 01-10-2017, 08:31 PM

Cool stuff. Just curious as to whether the new bucketless pump (w/ the T-style filter) have any other advantages aside from the slightly higher flow rate. I have the old stage 2 pump with the stock bucket.

Fuel starvation with the stock bucket design has yet to be the issue yet for me, even while pulling +1.2g around the notorious carousel at road america. But if the new filter design offers even better flow at high lateral G than the stock design, I think it would be a good peace of mind to have, considering fuel starvation can lead to lean condition and even detonation.

Just not sure it would make sense to upgrade, since the only complaint I have with the current pump so far is the inaccurate fuel gauge when the fuel level is above 3/4, which isn't a huge deal just a bit annoying. I double checked my install once, and there was plenty of clearance for the float from all the fuel line. So I guess the sensor float was not seated correctly or something.

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