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Default Persistent code 2fbc, what could it be? - 02-19-2018, 06:41 PM

Okay, so I was getting an occasional limp mode and code 2fbc. Searching doesn't really turn up too much for it but the few times it was mentioned it had to do with the fuel pumps. I replaced the lpfp first with an upgraded one, didn't fix it, so I just replaced the hpfp with the newest revision one. Code is still here!?! It won't go away, at all, even for a split second. When I clear the code it immediately comes back, even with the engine not running (ignition on, engine off). Makes me think it's something electrical, but I looked over the wiring and everything looked okay. Anyone else had this code? How did you fix it?

To recap:
Limp mode
Code 2fbc
LPFP brand new
HPFP brand new
Code reappears even without starting the engine

Thanks for any help, I'm lost here...
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