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Default 03-28-2015, 07:04 PM

I bought one from vwetish and installed it last week. I have the following driveline and suspension mods:

* M3 subframe bushigs
* M3 control arms and toe links
* OS Gicken TCD LSD
* Delrin differential bushings
* UCC race transmission mounts with the aluminium top cups
* TCKline coilovers

Even with those mods, launching the car hard produced a lot of wheel hop, slow launches and sometimes "bump steer" as the rear wheel hops in a corner under power.

Not ANYMORE! This lockdown kit really works! The car has a lot more grip during launches. The wheel hop is virtually eliminated!

There is a bit more noise coming from my diff now, but I expected this. Most of my driveline bushings are 1 step below the solid metal ones, so increased NVH is normal and I sort of like it.

One tip: if it is possible, raise the rear end of the car on ramps. This will allow you to keep the weight of the car on the subframe and the suspension. Install the lockdown kit and adjust it with the car putting full weight on the wheels.

EDIT: I forgot to mention: DO NOT be overzealous when tightening the main bushing to the subframe. The subframe is hollow and it won't be long till you start squishing it from tightening the bolt.

In summary: this lockdown kit is perhaps the second most important driveline mod you can get after LSD.
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