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Default 07-04-2019, 11:49 AM

Originally Posted by Theryatch
Will do and will look to verify. But I am having this issue with the jb4 not installed now. It's like the fault is stored and I can't clear it. Would plugging the jb4 back in help clear too asthe ecu looking for a different signal? I'm just wondering if the codes are causing any issues or if they will go away after some time? Like I said, it runs fine with it unplugged... Thank you for the quick reply and happy 4th.
If its triggering without the JB4 present then something else is at play. Try reseat the connection that is on the boost sensor on the intake manifold making sure you use the locking tab. Also reseat plug C on the side of the manifold as that one is for the fuel pressure fault.

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