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Default Jb4 reinstall then limp mode and cel, now OK...? - 07-04-2019, 05:31 AM

Hey everyone. So reinstalled the jb4 and went to drive and all hell broke loose for a mile until I shut her down and removed the jb4. Limp mode, juddery power, cels, no good. Went and took the jb4 out for now and car runs fine, no cels or limp mode but I ran my obd eleven and still have several active errors related to the sensors in module 33 (obd-ii)... Again no cel light, car runs great, just active error codes in the obd-ii module. Thinking I will keep the jb4 off for now, but just wondering what is going on and if codes will clear themselves as I can not force them to clear with them being active. If I didn't have the obd eleven I would have no reason to think anything is wrong. Looking to see if I have anything to worry about or not and why the jb4 may have done this. Here is what the codes are showing from obd eleven :

OBDeleven data log

Date: 2019-07-04 05:28


Trouble codes:
P0108 - Manifold Abs.Pressure or Bar.Pressure High Input
P0238 - Turbocharger Boost Sensor (A) Circ. High Input
P0190 - Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor "A" Circuit

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