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Originally Posted by Sticky
Well too hot to run right now (plus trans isn't done) so after speaking with Terry I mentioned something cooler and I think we all agree let's just skip the summer.

I wanted to be the first to laugh.
Maybe install a BMS 7.5" FMIC.
Your too cute.

**EDIT** Sticky, you absolutely must be yanking our chain! Stop it!

**edit 2** This best be a joke. For me this is my "summer car". I put it away when cold. I know you are just yanking chains! Stop it!

**edit 3** now I can't sleep. What year is your vehicle that it can't drive in warm weather. This is too much. Too easy. Has to be a joke. Wait for it...

**Edit 4** Sticky, I've recently had some serious repairs. I'm thinking about buying a car that I can't drive in summer without being humiliated. How far does $1,400 get me? Sell your vehicle to me?

Seriously, I thought about starting a Go Fund Me page where my decade+ donkey (hard top down) would crush your car for a fraction of the price. Yes, I can spend it and more, but should also put these kids through college and finish house additions.

Alas, maybe spending too much to compete with history gets the chicks.

There's always a reason.

I hope yours is leg pulling. I even got in your corner to some degree.

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