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Originally Posted by JBoe
I've been reading these boards for a bit now and haven't seen the issues you're referring to in any except when:
1) Users try to jump to higher maps without octane/fuel to support it.
2) Users don't have default settings prior to using the unit.
3) Users try to tune their car without posting logs for help and don't listen when help is provided.
4) Users don't allow FF to fully learn.
5) OBD cable issues.
6) User install issues and/or connector issues.
7) Rare few have had an issue with older boards. BMS provided free replacements in each instance I've read about.

After all that, what you tend to see are user issues. If you want a slap it on and go box... get JB+. You still have to let DME learn a bit, but user error side is removed if installed properly. If you want the most you can get, you'll need to tune.

That's what JB4 offers. It just happens to give you a few starting maps to build off of and from there you need to tune it in for more. This forum/BMS offer some of the best support I've ever seen for FREE! I've been building cars and tuning for years with Split Second, AEM, Emanage, Holley, Fast, etc. None of them offer map/log reviews and support for free.

It seems more like you came on the site with a negative agenda and nothing was going to change that. In the end, intentional or not, that's how it's coming off. It's your money and choice. My advice would be not to discredit the JB4 until you've actually tried it. Instead, ask your questions... get your answers... say thanks and move on. Complaining about something you haven't even tried, goes back to childish notions that benefit no one.

You are just so full of **** that it makes me laugh out loud while reading your post.
I assume you have not read any of my posts?
Do you seriously think that i have been at this forum since early 2017 and made 271 posts about how bad JB4 is?
If i would have been bashing JB4 nonstop for 271 posts i would surely and rightfully have been thrown out from here.

I have had Jb4 or 3 different cars, N55 EWG, VAG EA888.3 and N54, all with great success.
I'm aware the B58 is a brand new engine with a new and advanced DME, which is why im asking these questions, which would be common sense for ANYONE.
Who doesnt research a larger investment or that might affect a larger investment?

I'm well aware of the ups and downs with the Jb4 in general. But since the B58 is a new engine im also aware that ANY product will have to be adapted for the new usage. If one would compare the initial software release of the B58 Jb4 with where we are today, im sure there would be a large diffrence and BMS will surely continue updating the software and algorithms inside the JB4 adding more features and performance along the road.

To my knowledge MHD is working on the same tool that was used to unlock and flash the F-series N55, for the B58.
Once that is released im sure it wont be long untill BMS has released a BEF that will unlock the full potential of the B58+Jb4 combo.
Untill that happends or im 100% that the Jb4 will provide a smooth power delivery, i wont be buying a JB4.

Also in general i would agree about the BMS support. However in the B58 case i asked some questions in the FAQ thread, that were just basic questions. They all got overlooked until i got tired of waiting for a proper answer from any staff, even though they posted several times in that thread. Now i have received a reply on my questions, that was however from a forum member and not from anyone from BMS.
If i just could have gotten a reply on the questions that i initially asked, i could have bought a jb4..

Also im fairly sure that the issues my friend experienced with Jb4 and the M140, 440 and B48 320 could have been corrected with EWG-wires and newer software. But the fact is that the issue with jerky power delivery is still there and the Jb4, as it is priced currently, would cost more than a MHD unlock+flash, while not really adding much benefits except the possibilty to change boost settings on the fly.
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