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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
So you don't have a JB4 yet nor a log of how your specific car is running but want me to provide you with "hypothetical" JB4 tuning advice? Generally, if running exhaust modifications you'll need to set FUA = 20 to offset dutycycle causing boost to go over target and corresponding excessive throttle closure.

In my testing the exhaust mods added zero power or benefit, I would not suggest them in most situations, whether tuning with JB4, flash tuning, or both.
Yes i was interested in peoples general opinion with Jb4 and the B58 platform, perhaps im the only one that wants to know what to expect before buying this?
Or is that why there seems to be reviews or basicly every product available to purchase?

I'm not interested in power benefits with the *****, i want the added sound and a car that performs as before. So if adding a Jb4 would make the car run jerky, i would not be interested in it...

Had no idea that asking for opinions and peoples experience would be considered such a strange question
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