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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
Boost is read pre throttle, so its reading just spiked up because your throttle proportionally closed. Since you don't have the latest interface I can't see what manifold boost was. I guess Apple pushes updates 3-4 weeks after JB4 Mobile publishes them. Yea I'll look to see if I can update the interface today. I do have the latest firmware though.

Diode is cut on JB4 board right? Assuming so looks like FF needs to be lowered at lower RPM where it's jumping over target.

Also, does it still log normally with FUD = 0? Or do you still need slow speed CANbus?
I've been logging with slow speed enabled because I was hesitant to disable that function, thinking I'd screw something up

Yep diode for sure is cut, this is the first time I've seen the boost act like that. The logs in the same attachment for 3rd/4th gear this isn't happening so I was confused why all the sudden in fifth it would shoot up like that and since I rarely log in fifth, I was concerned that I saw good things in 3rd and would have missed this otherwise. FF globally was set at 88 and then learned up to 97, I will lower in lower RPM. Will this benefit the other gears as well?

2013 335xi PWG, JB4, CP, meow-less pipe, FMIC, PS2 with DV/inlet, stock fueling, stock intake

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