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Originally Posted by Lamz
Hi Terry

Im new to n54tech. I have a f30 n55 335i, bms intake,******* ** and jb4. Im running pump 95 octane down in South Africa. I did the upgrade to iso 9. There seems to be heavy knocking. I cant even log the car. The car idles at 4-5psi, ecu boost is starting at 22-25 psi when i try and log. When i go back to iso 8. The number look normal again. Idle at 0psi,14 afr. Im using all default settings as on page 1. Has anyone else had this problem. Should i just stick to iso7.12 or 8. Thanks.
Also having similar issues. Idles at 5.6 psi and after a while, it goes back to normal until I start the car again

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