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Default 09-28-2017, 02:49 PM

Ive got my car on the E30 MHD shelf map and Sport cooling (jb4 gear out for troubleshooting )
Normal driving during the day yesterday saw engine temps around 100C.
Last night I was stuck idling for around 20 mins (in park waiting) and engine temps were up around 120C.
Couple of questions, should sport flash allow the temps to go this high and if not, maybe i need to check my therrmofan speed controller or switch?
Fan did work jb4 in - on maxcool. Car full of coolant, no leaks.

2011 135i Dct coupe Alpine white n blacked out.
VTT DBB,Pure Inlet, JB4,GFB DV+,MHD,Fuel-it Platinum PI with Cm 5 - 50:50 Meth, E85, N20 tmap, Fuel It S2 lpfp, KB Boost A Spark, BMS IC /CP / IT / OCC, SG Boost Pipe, Quaife LSD, Federal RS-RR,M4 Flywheel, SSP R spec clutches, Kw V3 & Pro rolled guards, AR CL **, Bmw PE. Custom mi**ipe kitties. 1000wrms custom audio.

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