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Default 09-06-2017, 05:29 AM

Originally Posted by Thisisdudewhoru
So I know that if I have a low tire pressure, the car won't let me go in sport or sport plus. Will the car act weird with drag setup on it if I don't even have tpms sensors in them?
I know this is an old one but:
Have also got this problem, if i lower the rear tyre pressure below 23 psi on my 140i (2017) R88s tyres it put the car in nanny mode ....And i can not turn it off ?.
Has anyone got wheels that do not have the TPMS in them on 2016/17 cars, if so how have you got around this issue.

I know on my old 135i (2008) i could reset it to a lower pressure and all was fine. But this does not happen on the newer cars?.
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