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Originally Posted by Mike_L
Did you read the articles I linked? The cases of all the 8HPs are the same. The 8HP90 internals can go in the 8HP45.

You think torque converter autos can't take power? Think again. What do you think every drag car uses? A Powerglide, with a torque converter.
My zf on my 435i idrive pretty much exploded on a pure stage 2 and section 305 r888's all around (yeah it bluges) while launching at a quarter mile race.... just depends on how much grip you have i
guess, and guess what you can't fix these trannys so I'm out $8,000-$12,000 if I want a new auto.

So far after my manual swap it hasn't failed yet after 8 races on r888. So IMHO manuals are better.... i heard Terry say here manuals are needed for big power.

Btw did you know autos have solenoid issues at high power levels. I'm pretty sure dmac experienced it that's why he swapped to a manual. Ive had it happen to me too so I pretty much hate torque converts autos now...
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