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Originally Posted by Mike_L
Did you read the articles I linked? The cases of all the 8HPs are the same. The 8HP90 internals can go in the 8HP45.

You think torque converter autos can't take power? Think again. What do you think every drag car uses? A Powerglide, with a torque converter.
Call zf see if they'll sell you the internals. They declined and said you'd have to buy a new transmission.

After that how do you solve the software driving the transmission? Exactly if doesn't have the software you're gonna have to go to a different manufacturer and it may not work with BMW's ecus.

Not all drag cars use a power glide, maybe older muscle cars barely any inports use it.

Even 1000+whp supras use manual boxes with sequential shifter. All the new modern day drag built cars use Shep trans rebuilt dcts why?
1. They shift faster than torque converters.
2. Can actually hold the power during launches without damaging the impeller because in manuals the clutch plates are separate, in a torque converter you'll have to rely on the brake to hold the the car from going while the simpler is under huge stresses.

So when you figure out how to make the torque converters on the BMW's last longer tell me, because zf won't sell you components, and after that figure out software.

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