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Originally Posted by Lowon
Coming from a guy who has built 2 different motors (fa20, ej257) 4 times total (1.forged internals in my fa20 and ported heads, 2. Forged internals 500whp rated ej257 and forged internals and ported heads. 3.750whp ej257 fully rebuilt long block cams, crank, etc. 4. Closed deck block 1000whp rated ej257) I think I have a few words of advice.
1. Don't waste money until your motor blows trust me engine builds cost so much, they aren't just foreged internals boom done. No you have to factor in labour, machining so pistons have perfect tolerances, new belts, pumps, lines, clutches, seals etc. Then break in fluid change retune etc.
2. Forged internal cars literally do not last as long as a stock motor because the forged pistons don't expand and contract much. This causes cold starts to rattle the piston inside the cylinder until it is hot enough to expand to operating size and seal. Related cold starts wear out rings and you begin to burn oil, that's why cold start idling is crucial to longevity. Built motors generally go to 120,000 miles before oil burning becomes a major issue.

Now onto BMW stuff:
1. The 600whp turbo is a prototype and not yet offered as many other have already said.
2.tuning is quite limited, but I've found ess is able to patch the ECU and enable corrections and retuning through obd2 after initial bench flash, so in theory tuning isn't a big problem as if now.
3.afrs, F series n55 EWG runs really really lean, and tend to misfire like crazy when set richer so it may be risky pushing 600whp on lean afrs.
4. Octane, on higher e85 mixes the F series tend to misfire as top end fuelling is still an issue with no one having developed an ethanol BEF yet. Race gas only option may be expensive and I'm not sure if it has the same issues. Leaning on meth for that much power is asinine in my opinion.
5.transmission: this may be the hardest issue to tackle (trust me I had Shep trans build my sti tranny and that costed alot of money, and after hard track days over time even 1000 wtq synchros and gears still fail).
1. You zf8speed or automatic transmission users better learn how to drive stick, as I'm not sure how the auto tranny torque converter will deal with this kind of power when real "sticky" tires are used. So you'd need to do a manual transmission swap.
Otherwise you'd have to get a stronger zf gear box but I've looked into that you'd need adapters to fit it to the engine, new software and computers to control it and that may not play nice or even work with your current DME, you'd need new mounting points and reinforcements as the new transmission is larger (some of then are) and heavier so it may not clear some underbody components. All that being said you're looking at over $20,000. So it's cheaper to go manual.

Manual: 1. Get the f8x clutch, not sure if the stick mnaual can handle much more than 500wtq as it is only rated for 370tq.
2. (Most reliable and best option, grab an "M" tranny as they have beefed up internals rated for more power) for 2 series guys grab an m2 tranny, 3/4 series grab an m3/m4 tranny. Clutches in those can handle up to 700wtq.

That's my opinion on transmissions.

That's my opinions on a 600whp build, hope I can be helpful. PM me if you want more help, and I'll do my best.

Im rebuilding my n55. Im debating between goimg forged pistons or no....would you do it

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