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Originally Posted by Mike_L
Okay, I screwed up because those articles I quoted are completely wrong. Was at the dealer and they had an 8HP70 and a 8HP45 both out of their cars. They do NOT have the same case by any stretch of the imagination. And I'm guessing the 8HP90 is different than both of them. I have serious doubt about part retrofitting at this point.

One thing I was talking to the foreman about though is the possibility of putting the Hybrid 3s 8HP70H in a normal 3 and replacing the hybrid unit with a torque converter. We know that trans bolts to the N55, so it may be something worth exploring.

EDIT: With that said, if its not possible, I'd just ditch the car. I'd rather jam tacks in my eyes than ever own a manual car again.
Lol? How bad were you at manual?
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