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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
Sorry forgot to check back here! Normally faster to email support for assistance as sometimes we miss the threads.

28A0 and 2C90 are caused by a variety of issues but most often menu10 or menu12 set too high building "too much" boost at low throttle.
Terry, thanks for your response and I wanted to confirm just 1 thing. What are the right/default settings for Manu 10 and 12. Right now, and even before the firmware update, when the CEL issue started last month, I am at 2400 for Menu 10 and 3000 for Menu 12, and 1000 for Manu 11. I lowered Menu 10 to 2200 with no luck, so Im thinking I just want to make sure I am at least at the defaults for 10 and 12, so please let me know. BTW, happens 9-10 times when engine is cold (before 160 degrees), always when normal driving with low throttle and under 2500 rpm's. And as a reminder, i just took the intake manifold off for cleaning everything and am thinking I should have replaced all gaskets/seals, so I just ordered them and will do that next weekend just in case there is a leak or something. Im also replacing the vacuum tubes in case they were brittle and cracked from being moved around when I did all the work last month. I'll report back if that fixes anything but please do let me know I have the right/default settings for Menu's 10 and 12.
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