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I just started monitoring my jb4 and super new to it! I read the definitions and the way im understanding it logging is more about doing pulls than monitoring on a day to day basis in regular driving. My car recently came out of winter storage, chicago, full tank, topped of with stabil, etc. and viewing the jb4 logs it comes across to me that it's running normal when doing the pulls. Drove 200 miles, quarter fuel tank left, topped it off with 93. Drove the car to a wedding and the car sat outside parking lot for about 36 hours. We had some rain and major winds. Not saying my baby got a cold, but i found it interesting when i started it up, my FP_H showed a value of 12, where it typically sits at 5. To my understanding, the fp_h should be between 10-14 during pulls, not when its sitting still. looking at the log, the x-axis at 790 it started to decrease to the regular value of 5, and x-axis was 810. I drove the car home, mainly highway, (sidenote: crazy how long it takes the trans/oil/water temps to raise) after getting of on the highway. Driving in city about 10 minutes, my HP_F value sits at 12 again when i come to a complete stop. I wonder why that is. Is this a sign that the HPFP is going bad? when i release the brake and start moving, the hp_f goes back to regular 5.
I should mention that i noticed my FP_L sat at 75 when its typically in the normal range of 55-70.
Im still learning
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