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Exclamation 09-13-2021, 06:48 PM

So...I went out tonight after work and tried to get a nice clean log showing what's going on. I slowly rolled onto the throttle in 3rd gear.

As I'm rolling into the gas in 3rd gear, at around 3,000rpms with only 4psi of boost the HPDP pressure just dropped from around 1,200psi down to 215psi. As soon as I let off the throttle, it bounced back up to 2,800rpms.

Both banks STFT jumped up to 34% (trying to correct a lean condition). If this was a stuck injector, I don't think both banks would be would be way rich or way lean....right?

At this point........I'm pretty sure it's a HPFP issue. What am I missing here?


2007 335i, BMS DCI, BMS Chargepipe w/Tial BOV, ARM Down-p1pes, Bilstein B12 Prokit Suspension,G-Plus FMIC, MHD Stage 2+ tune, xHP stage 3 transmission flash.
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