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Default 04-21-2018, 06:38 PM

RS Q60 - having issues engine code error P0435

Car has been fine running JB4 with some modes (st*** induction, full F*** Intentions exhaust incl fast cats)

Jet washed car today and was careful not to get too close as its powerful. Had driven car pretty hard not long previously for a short distance and it was fine. Wife went to take it shopping and front radar sensor warning light was on. I thought it would clear itself. When she returned the engine warning light was on and there were some flashing numbers but I didn't get them. I looked at error codes on JB4 and I saw the P0435. I switched off engine and after 30 secs I could hear something running at the front of the car, intercooler pump? I took the car for a slow drive and temp showing on IAT was 37c when I started but had returned to 25 by the time I returned. However I couldn't get any power or acceleration.

Switched car off, removed JB4 and reconnected harness, reset the battery and went for a drive again with same symptoms. Came home switched car off and the 'pump' ran for over an hour and continued even after a short restart. Disconnected battery to stop it running.

Anyone got any ideas? I've done less than 2K on the JB4 and map settings weren't crazy, mainly Map 3 for a couple of weeks and then custom with progressive to +6 and down again at 6000,6500, 7500 to +2 with default waste gate set to 35 and safety set to 6

I can't make any power and I'm scared to drive it.

Quick google brings up O2 temp issue in ***? IS it just a sensor thing?

Thanks - hoping someone can help me out

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