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Default 09-15-2021, 11:36 AM

Hi Steve!

Thanks for chiming in. I have 3 logs below from map 0 to map 2.

Yesterday the car threw a code for the intake VANOS (2A82) for the first time as well with a 3100 code. I went ahead and cleaned the VANOS and swapped the exhaust solenoid with the intake solenoid.

Immediately after cleaning, I was able to do a few pulls that seemed clean to the redline, but now I am being pushed back into map 4 safety for fuel trim variance again.

Could the VANOS be the culprit here?

All of these logs are at datazap . me then each link - for some reason it won't let me post the full URL..

Map 0 - /u/nfitty4/map-0?log=0&data=1-4
Map 1 - /u/nfitty4/map-1?log=0&data=1-4
Map 2 - /u/nfitty4/map-2?log=0&data=1-4

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