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Default 05-17-2020, 09:15 AM

Originally Posted by Mike_L
Iím sure heís nowhere near eating ramen. Heís only saying that as a hyperbole.
Clearly he smartened up and listened to reason by maxing out the MSD's to drop the MF and lower the monthly payment

Originally Posted by Mike_L
$40k isnít $70k+. You can buy a Honda or Toyota and spend $40k every few years.
I bought a Toyota TRD Pro and spent $40k every few years, but I was also getting my whole purchase price back plus profit, so...

Originally Posted by Mike_L
Mustíve been wear items that werenít covered under the maintenance coverage. Tires, wipers, etc.
No, my buddy thought he was hot **** modifying his car putting on a piggyback and intake kit. It threw a code and he took it to the dealer because of the whole
No extra expenses. No worries about repairs
The dealer bent him over for about $200 and forced him to go back to stock. That's even after all the **** talking he does, SEMA this, SEMA that, MMW Act here, MMW Act there. But he pussied out and instead of practicing what he preaches for 30 years.

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