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Default 05-14-2019, 05:14 PM

Thanks Terry!

Unfortunately E85 is quite hard to find around here (Atlanta GA). I may have to try race fuel instead.

I have a guy who is very well known in the Mopar community that produces a fuel additive that has a large following. The product is called Aces IV. It claims to achieve a 10 Octane "effect". It does it through a combination of actual octane boost, and also a cooler/faster flame front, coupled with lubrication to the valves and upper cylinder, which also has an additional cooling effect. Folks have reported that using it with 93 Octane produces similar results as Race Gas. I am definitely planning to put it to the test on the Dyno! Once I get the fuel wires hooked up tomorrow, I will see about scheduling some time at my local AWD Dynojet and see what this ole girl is putting down!

2019 Genesis G70 Sport 3.3T AWD
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