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Icon1 m140i Log Check? - 05-14-2020, 06:37 AM

I would appreciate it if someone could take a quick look at my log. I know you guys are plagued with the same questions everyday, so I understand if it's tiresome.

I'm really keen to understand the logs myself, so if you could tell me what I should be looking out for, and roughly what it's doing to the car, that'd be great. (AFR, Trim & Target lines for example)

I installed the v15 firmware a few weeks ago. I just want to make sure everything is running OK. I'm pretty certain everything is normal.

Using map 1 for now, I'll knock it up to map2 and then 3 if the car keeps reacting positively. Running Shell V Power 97 octane fuel. Car is completely stock engine wise.

I've been running the JB4 since March 2019, but I deactivated throughout the winter as I don't push the car too often during those months it was running on the old firmware obviously.

I did 3 runs, I was going to post them in order, but I can't get the images to display via the insert image button.

I can also upload the log data if needed.
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