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Originally Posted by RandyNester
How do you turn them on?
Check the first post of this forum for details - I use the JB4 iPhone app / BT Kit to make changes to my JB4. In the JB4 app it is in Settings - User Adjustment Settings. Scroll half way down and you will see a section that reads Future Use: You want to select Future Use D - this will bring up another screen titled FUD Options. If the value is 0 - then you have to turn on Bit0. This will make the value = 1 (Fuel Wires are enabled.) Be sure to his SAVE to exit out.

Take another run and look at the log at the top - your want to look at the CSV log file and at the top - mid way left to right - there is a column that has MethSafeMode under that there should be a value of 0. Under that is FUD - under it you want a value of 1 (Fuel Wires Enabled.)

2017 Q50 Premium RWD
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  • AMS Flex Fuel Kit v2
  • Fast Intentions Res. Touring 2.5 CBE
  • Mishimoto Oil Catch Can
  • EcuTek Flash (Seb @ Specialty Z)

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