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Originally Posted by Serstylz2
got any time to teach me how to read logs? A high level 101 is all I need
Terry know the most, I've just picked up queues from him about this specific platform and I added it to my tuning experience over the last decade or so on other platforms. If you look at the picture I made the comment about to Terry, you'll see that in the 1st 3 gears the timing continues jumping up through out the gear. But in 4th gear, it looks like it keeps getting pulled back down when it would otherwise increase. To me that seems like it's either picking up knock or something else is happening. Since BMS hasn't found the knock counts PID yet, the timing graph is the only thing we have to go off of. Whenever timing drops to 5 degrees or less, or is jagged back and forth, that says to me you're running too much boost or not enough octane and should back it down.
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