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Originally Posted by AutoEngBM95
I am due to replace my shocks soon and I am looking to upgrade my springs and shocks. I want an upgrade over stock but I do not want to sacrifice ride quality. Lower is ok too but nothing excessive.... maybe ~1.5". Its a daily and used in all seasons. E90 xDrive. Also I don't want to spend a fortune. Any recommendations?

im not sure if its the same as my issue with the 535 e6o XI , but every where I go the KW V3 coilovers come up, they are great for the XI can adjust for your daily when it comes to winter and summer adjustments .... HOWEVER bang!!! they are pretty pricey and if something were to happen to the piston or other I heard it has to be removed and sent directly to KW for them to see whats going on and whether warranty etc. which means care is out of commission for awhile

now I could be wrong maybe things have changed but this is what ive been hearing , I wanted to try em but I may go with OEM there maybe some other options but I know I need front shocks now as mine are going so im gonna settle for BMW OEM ones for now.
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