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Default Newbie 330E B48 running MAP6 C/W EWG + FF Log - 09-24-2018, 01:08 AM

Hi All,

Newbie here. To be honest, i was a bit skeptical on JB4, during my desktop research about a month ago. I was comparing various chiptuning i.e racechip, DTE system, Ventura. Finally, all was down to Ventura and JB4. I've even called up ventura and scheduled for a meet up with the Ventura distributor in my country. The reason why i've shortlisted JB4 and ventura is that both have 2 additional connectors. V has one for the fuel press and camshaft while Jb4 has fuel press and wastegate.

Anyway, ive kinda booked a JB4 from my fellow bimmer bud earlier, i've to honor the bro code so i went on with JB4. Mine came complete with bt connect +ewg+ff.

Ive tested it progressively from MAP1 until now MAP6.The experience was educationally experimental. I've learned many things about how the turbo works based on the parameters in the log readings.

Initially there were sort of misfire/jerking on MAP 1-3 at mid RPM. Eventually it smoothed out and i can feel the additional power coming from the extra boost. The jerk was on and off, maybe my AFR was too lean.. idk..The AFR is lean maybe because the dropin BMC filter and i'm still on stock exhaust system.

Anyway, few weeks after i've moved to MAP 6. I did trial and error with the user adjustment settings until finally end up with the settings i'm currently using now. There was a few hiccups along the way, i.e my EWG went dead and my engine was not boosting. Error says wastegate sluggish. So what i did was changed the PID gain to 8 and set the FF/wg to 50 among other stuffs.

All went back to normal after that. The performance increase was substantial until i totally forgot about the Ventura dude. Anyways, went and met him eventually as he let me drive his car and tested the Ventura where he had it on MAP 5/6. OMG! its nowhere near JB4 performance! btw he's driving same car, maybe 2016 version, mine is 2017.

Anyway after each pull he's like, "can u feel the power bro" and i was like well... yeah.. good job bro" deep down i just smirk in happiness. So yeah, credits to all my friends who have pass me this black box of joy and guided me throughout my JB4 settings.

Owh yeah, i did a run on the dyno and the result was so satisfying.
312WHP 454Nm with stock meow and RON 98.

Sorry i doubted JB4, rookie mistake.

p/s: I've ordered few parts to be installed next week FTP aluminium intake, charge pipe and custom meowless exhaust.

Can't wait..

Appreciate experts comments on my log.

Thanks guys!
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