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*edited 05/07/2017

So here is how this can be reworked on factory parts you already have ... you don't have to buy anything (providing you're careful).

This is how you are connected stock,

You'll have to cut all the clamps off the T. The hose going to the overflow will stay with the overflow tank.
Now you'll have to remove the hose from the bottom of the upper radiator hose. Cut the clamp off. This connector will now go to the thermostat and connect to the hose that goes to the lower coolant pipe. You will have to dremel the short pin longer. If you look carefully you'll see the alignment pins are different widths and lengths, it's very slight but matters.

(ignore the parts I used, this was trial fitting)

Now the T will go to the bottom of the upper rad hose,

All factory parts and unmodified hoses. Just need to move them around.

You need a 90* coming off the thermostat. The connector needs to be modified.
A T at the lower port of the upper hose.
A 45 at the coolant bottle.

*edit* 6/07/2017

All's been working flawlessly. No leaks and no issues at all.

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