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Default JB4 BETA for E70/E71 2010-2013 S63 X5M & X6M - 08-07-2016, 01:36 PM

**** 6/17/17 Update: We've decided due to higher than expected support requirements (the S63 motor is a bit of a headache) and low sales volume no longer to officially support the S63 JB4 system. We will continue to offer the BMS Stage1 for the S63, it requires the N63/S63 Harness A model.

For those who want to DIY an S63 JB4 kit you are welcome to do that just realize no BMS support will be provided. The required hardware and BCM are the same as the N63 JB4 TypeA and then you must also load the S63 firmware is at the bottom of this post. Directions are provided in this post for installation and the wheel control menu works the same as the N55 E series JB4. Note the BCM and the DME fueling wires remain optional. Normally it's best to start with the JB4 only on TMAP connectors and CANbus, and then add in the fuel wires only if needed. And add in BCM only if needed for more boost. Most people run in to headaches trying to install the DME wires.

VBOX testing:

1/4 mile 12.0@118.9mph, 3.7s 0-60mph on the E30 map.

Map Guide:

Map 0: JB4 Fully Disabled
Map 1: Additive map targeting around 4psi over stock. BCM optional.
Map 2: Absolute target map targeting 15psi peak. BCM required.
Map 3: Absolute target E30 map targeting 19psi peak. BCM required.
Map 4: Stock tuning with CANbus active for logging and gauges
Map 5: Under development
Map 6: User adjustable map. Values below 10psi make the map an additive map while values over 10psi make the map an absolute target map.
Map 7: Progressive methanol map under development.

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After a few days of hard work I have the guys of the system working. Installation is very similar to the N63 in that you connect to the TMAP sensors using the Stage1 harness, then plug in extra wires for CANbus, fuel control, and the BCM. The fuel control, BCM, and CANbus wires connect inside the DME box. See the N63 JB4 installation video for basic directions on how that looks.

The tricky part on the X70 is reaching the DME and getting its cover off. You remove the panel and HVAC filter, pop out this piece, and then the DME cover takes a bit of patience to unlock.

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Inside the DME area the MSD85 looks just like the N63 DME. You pop off the connectors and pop in the JB4 wires using OEM contacts joining 2 pairs for fuel control and 2 pairs for the boost control. Finally CANbus connects using removable posi-taps.

If upgrading from a Stage1 kit then you'll first need to insert the new wires in to the Stage1 harness. Note that is the same as the N63 Stage1->JB4 document referenced below.

Install directions for s63 JB4:

1) Install the TMAP connectors and control box per the s63 Stage1 installation guide:
2) The S63 does not use OBDII CANbus and instead connects directly to the CANbus in the DME area using removable posi-taps. Using the included posi-taps attach the green/brown CANbus wires to the blue/red wire pair inside the DME box as shown.
3) The DME specific fuel and BCM wires attach to the DME just like the N63 system referenced here:

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After connection the JB4 box is placed as shown.

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Finally pop back on the factory covers. I left the BMS DATA cable sticking out for quick access. But the system is also fully compatible with JB4 Mobile for iPhone or Android use.

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The system has full E series wheel contorls including map switching, in dash gauges for boost, timing, AFR, etc, adjustable shift light, etc. We suggest turning on boost on fuel, setting menu 2 to 1. Menu3 is the user adjustable shift light.

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