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I did a compression test today, and these were the results
Cylinder 1-165-170
Cylinder 2 - 170-175
Cylinder 3 - 155-160
Cylinder 4 - 145
Cylinder 5 - 170
Cylinder 6 - 170

This doesn't seem very reassuring but I am just about to hit 100k miles, how bad is that given the engine age? I've started noticing an occasional slight stumbling at idle as well. Whole engine is going to **** it seems like! Would this probably indicate bad piston rings or valves? Would it be wise to look into an engine rebuild before getting new turbos? The money pit continues...

Ive also attached some pictures of the sparkplugs that were pulled out, cyl 3 and 4 were pretty oily. Didn't pull out the endoscope this time but from what I could see inside it was pretty drenched in there. I did plugs and coils about 10k-15k ago and they were completely dry, which was immediately after I installed jb4 and it fried a coil pack, replaced all 6 with delphi coils and step colder plugs.
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