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Default 03-02-2018, 09:39 PM

I got my port injection working after ordering a new "OBDII CABLE WITH JB4 SIDE CONNECTOR FOR RETROFIT" from It did, indeed, have the pin 3 electrical socket terminal. I salvaged one of the pins from the old connector for the male side for pin 3. But if anyone needs one, the connector is a Molex 43020-0400 on the harness side, and the male pins are 0430310001.

I'll be troubleshooting my E85 sensor next. Any valid input would be appreciated. I'm fairly certain it's wired properly with black to ground, red to switched 12V and white to JB4 DB25 pin 3. Just need to know if bits other than 0 and 5 are required in the app. What about FUA 58?
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