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Default 03-02-2018, 03:45 PM

Originally Posted by hardparker
I installed my PI setup today. Turns out my 4-pin Molex connector on the OBD cable doesn't have pin 3 socketed with a female electrical connection. So, there's no way to source RPM for the PI controller. I ordered up a new OBD cable from BMS, assuming it's got pin 3 wired as it should.

I had a really difficult time trying to get the pin installed in the Molex on the harness side. Seems straight forward, with a spring retainer on the metal pin body, and catch tab in the Molex body. No go. Eventually, it broke from fatigue of trying too many times, right where the crimp meets the pin body. I need to know the exact pin name and type to try to source one in town. Molex... what?

Finally, my E85 sensor is wired to pin 3 on the DB25, with bits 0 and 5 enabled, FUA set to 58, but I don't see E85 displayed in app. I'm running ISO 10T6 on an F25.
talking to Donnie about this right now on email... let me know if you get anything before I do.

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